Pay Human Link, our of web payroll production service, reduces considerably the cost of maintenance of the infrastructure necessary for the control of the employer obligations.

Our technology platform is the basis of our service, offers excusive features and options in Mexico, such as modules of labor contracts, training, vacation, personnel inventory, reports, interfaces, etc.

In addition, we understand that working closely with our clients and personnel is imperative to learn first hand about the needs of your business.

We have a variety of options that will fit exactly what your company needs. Our system allows you to check easily and at all times the information concerning human capital of your business so you will always be aware of what is happening.

This way we adjust to the work method that you prefer, whether it is with our employees kiosk that allows the automation of holiday process, consultation of information and electronic payment receipts. Our platform allows you to generate reports, accounting policies, payment files and interfaces, or that all the work is carried out online.

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We count with different service schemes ranging FROM a traditional service scheme in which clients email the payroll incidences and receive a suitcase with receipts, reports, accounting policies, payment files and interfaces, TO schemes where the web application, where customers printed locally, shared capture incidents, generate your reports, listings and interfaces.

We have an option according to the specific needs of each business. The comparative application via online availability can reduce times and costs for corporations, branches, etc.

Processes and certifications

Our firm guarantees you the highest standards of safety. We comply with certifications and contingency (DRP) plans that guarantee the continuity of risk-free business for our clients.

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