PayHumanGroup is the ideal choice for outsourcing human resources work of your business.

Through our personalized and accessible service we get closer to you to understand your business needs. Our technology platform offers you safety and accessibility so your Human Resources and Payroll processes are more than a series of numbers and acquire a strategic value for decision-making.


Pay Human Link Add value to your payroll information through our platform that automates your processes and meets the specific needs of your company and your staff through our self-service portal.

In addition, you count with full support of our guarantee contract, which gives you the comfort of being in the hands of professionals.

Pay Human Services Put in our hands labor responsibility and make management of your human capital more flexible, through specialized services that adhere to the new labor reform.

Pay Human Talent Convert your HR Department in a strategic area. We manage your HR Department through a personalized and accessible service, always close to your needs and those of your company.

Pay Human Soft It complements information systems of your HR and Finance to automate the collection of indicators that allow you to make better decisions. We develop solutions in software to the accurate measurement of your business.